S  A  M    B  I  S  S  E  T  T  E

Sam has enjoyed an interest in photography since age eleven. For many years, it was a simply a hobby, used for the typical family and vacation pictures. When he began his work in visual art, the camera became an instrument for recording subject matter for paintings. As of 2002, his files contain more than 15,000 photographs. At the request of the Randall Library at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, upon his death all of his photographic material will be given to the library. The following pictures are examples of his photographic work:

Italian Fishing Village Italian Fishing Village

Bakery Window, Vienna Bakery Window, Vienna

Dallas   Dallas

Fort Fisher Fort Fisher, North Carolina

Varnumtown, N.C. Varnumtown, North Carolina

Images from the Micro World

The following is part of an exhibition of thirty-four paintings and drawings depicting interesting and colorful images that were found through the use of a microscope in observing household chemicals and matter and photographing the results. The collection was donated to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where it is permanently exhibited in Deloach Hall, a science building.

Volcano Volcano - Image found
in copper sulfate

Blue Flame Blue Flame - Image found
in stained glass

Disc Thrower Discus Thrower - An image
found in a soft drink solution

Micro Rainbow Micro Rainbow - Polarized
image found in salol

Hook-Nosed Octogenarian Hook-Nosed Octogenarian -
An image found in alum

Hidden Crosses Hidden Crosses - Images
found in crystallized table salt

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