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The Works of Sam Bissette




From David Bissette, Sam's son: Over the years my father found great satisfaction in his interests and hobbies, including various artistic, astronomical, and historical projects. Eventually, I developed two different web sites to catalog his efforts in art and astronomy. However, in recent years it seemed more practical to combine them into a single site with a name that is easy to remember. His name seemed the best to use, and came into being as his home page.


Upon his death on November 14, 2005 I made the decision to continue these sites as a source of information about his work. Of particular note is the historical material about Wilmington, NC that may not be found elsewhere on the web.


Any questions related to this site may be directed to me at the email address at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!


The Great Outdoors: Watercolor

This site contains some of Sam's favorite watercolors of various subjects:

  • A Portrait of North Carolina
  • North Carolina Circa 1900
  • A collection of astronomical subjects
  • Paintings of places where he had traveled.

The Starry Night: Astronomy

Sam loved being an amateur astronomer. After experimenting with photography and a microscope, he developed an unconventional method of astronomy. This site describes that method and shows some of the results.



Life and Times:
Wilmington and North Carolina History

Having lived all of his life in North Carolina, and most of it in Wilmington, Sam had a great love of the area and its rich and varied history. Here is a list of his local history projects, including where they can be found. Also listed are projects related to astronomy.


Recently he placed online the entire text of "The Lower Cape Fear: a Unique Pictorial." It is a photographic presentation of the many unusual and rarely noticed subjects to be found in Wilmington, New Hanover County, and the adjoining areas. Click here to be taken directly to that page.


In addition, it is possible to view the entire text of "Voices of the Cape Fear," a transcription of 34 audiotaped interviews with men and women selected for their importance in the life and culture of this area during the twentieth century. You can access it by clicking here.